Petbook QR App

If you lose your pet, don't worry! Someone helps you to find your pet with your pet's QR code neck tag!

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Now we are only in Dubai.


Easy To Create An Account

Only your phone number and password we want you to create an account.

Lost Pet Finder

By the QR code neck tag, if someone scans the QR code you can find your pet's location

Socialize Your Pet

You may find new friends for your pet. Catch the time and meet with new friends.


Find your pet with PetbookQR

We hope you will never face with losing pet but if it happens, you don't worry with the PetbookQR's QR code neck tag. If someone scans the QR code, she/he can access your and your pet's information about contact, name, breed and some additional information such as health status, past ill, using pills or some advices for your pet to person who scans QR code.

"PetbookQR App can help you to find your pet if your pet is lost. It's not all. PetbookQR App is also a pets' social media app."

  • Sermet Keserlioglu , the creator of

Socialize your pet with PetbookQR

PetbookQR App helps you and your pet to socialize because the app has a timeline where you can share text or image posts.

"You can share your pet's amazing and lovely photos to timeline and collect likes and comments from other pet owners."

  • Sermet Keserlioglu , the creator of

It's time to create QR code for your pet!

Download the app and create a free account easily. Add your pet into your profile and order a QR code now!