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Frequently Asked Questions

We have prepared some answers for you to guide you how you can use PetbookQR App and about PetbookQR


For now, we can deliver to anywhere in Dubai.

QR code means really QR code, but it is only for your pet. It includes your contact information and your pet's name, breed, birth date, color and some additional informations. When you order, the QR code will be printed on a neck tag and send to your address. You can view the sample image of the product by clicking here.

Account & PetbookQR Apps

You can download the PetbookQR mobile applications on iOS or Android operation system devices from App Store or Google Play Store.

Yes. Your pet's informations, your address informations, your contact informations, etc. will be known through the PetbookQR apps.

You can view the PetbookQR app's social media timeline without creating an account. But you cannot interact for example, you cannot like posts or write comment to posts and most importantly, you cannot get a QR code for your pet.

Pricing & Delivery

The application is free. / QR code fee is fixed all over Dubai. AED 110 including shipping fee. There is no hidden fees exclude AED 110.

Your order will be delivered to your address within 5 days.

Because the neck tag that your pet's special QR code printed will be delivered to your address.

Yes. You can cancel your order within 24 hours. After your order's status change from "Order received" to "Preparing", you cannot cancel your order.

We will come to your address at the date which we have arranged with you. If you are not at the address, we will contact you again and arrange new date for delivery. If again you are not at the address, unfortunately we will have to cancel your order.

For now, only cash on delivery is available.